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Porsche Online Vehicle Sales Expansion

Porsche Online Vehicle Sales Expansion


Porsche is expanding its e-commerce offering exponentially as the number of markets offering online vehicle searches has recently hit 100 globally – and in 26 of these countries, cars can be ordered online too.

Although online vehicle sales have been available in Europe since 2021, this is a great achievement for Porsche as a global brand. Jacqueline Smith-Dubendorfer, Vice President Smart Mobility & Digital Sales has said "We continue to develop our online vehicle sales with a clear customer focus”. Porsche strives to make continual improvements to its customer journey and so this e-commerce endeavour comes as no surprise.

Smith-Dubendorfer also said "Our goal is to make Porsche products conveniently accessible anytime, anywhere. Both at the dealership and online”. It is clear to see that Porsche will continue to make great strides in their digital efforts to provide a top-class online experience for the Porsche guests every time.

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